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    Vintage / Normal Computer UP-Cycling

    honestly no, but its only cause I have seen them all before :p
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    Osgeld's Garage Sale, 2 pentium laptops and a scsi hard drive enclosure (no drive)

    I am clearing out some of the stuff I am not using in order to gather up money to buy a 3d printer (yay). I like these items, but my use of them has gone from rare to not at all, so its time for them to find good homes so they they rot out in the garage. Before I show the goods, here is the...
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    Google vcf

    When I google it this place is top result, but look at the sponsored ad on the side heh
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    Is our hobby starting to decline a bit?

    problem with this notion is that when the model T was the thing to have in old cars you did not get historical preservation, you got a gazillion hot rod tricked out monstrosities ... in perfect example the Munster Koach which is to akin of the very popular until fairly recently (but still...
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    SO what does a 1000 (US) Dollar monitor look like darn neat 17 years later

    in very late 1999 I was living at home, making for my 20 year old mind, quite some bank. I was still living at home (months away from discovering the real world) paid off car and a total computer nerd. So what did I do? Of course buy a 1000 (US) dollar LCD screen (and a car I couldnt really...
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    Looking for a way to backup data from an old SCSI Quantum Fireball ST 2.1S drive

    sorry this thread kind of slipped my mind anywho its an adaptec model that does work, I got it from work when they did a purge of old stuff we dont use anymore, and while its slightly nicer than my compaq server card I use my my workbench computer for hooking up the random and odd scsi drive...
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    Moving: Free Macintosh SE... Local Pickup or Pay Shipping

    In 2010 I visited a local wasteland that at the time was taking in E-scrap and pulling all its metal off and passing the buck, they lasted maybe 2 years while I was in there I yanked out a couple mac's sitting in mud puddles (along with some other lewt) out of the two mac's one that would boot...
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    osgelds retro bench

    mac SE single 800K floppy + hard drive, mac performa 430 (aka LC2) apple //c rom 255, original XBOX for vidiagame emulation and below a pentium MMX 150 and a atari 65XE oh yea the monitor is a 13 inch craig LCD TV, 1024x768 half arsed to widescreen, component / composite / svideo and VGA switchbox
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    trying to max out my LC2

    This has been an ongoing process, but here is the rundown I got a mac performa 430 (aka LC2) from a thrift store for 99 cents about 4 years ago, at the time all my 68K mac needs were handled by my basic SE and I have not owned a color 68k mac since my IIcx back in the 90's the performa sat...
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    For the price of postage, 386/486 motherboard with 486SX 33 both unknown condition

    Hello everyone, new to the forum, like what I see, thanks for having me What I have is a 386/486 motherboard and a CPU that I have no idea if it works or not, and its been sitting on my desk in a ESD bag for over 2 years now. At work we have one really old radial placement machine (for...