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    Apple II disk drive woes

    Okay so a few weeks back I picked up a apple IIe for the first time. I have the original monitor, a diskduo, 1 super serial card, 1 serial card, the 80 col 64k ram expander, mouse card, and floppy disk card along with prodos and appledos and some blank disks. I have been trying to get some...
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    Old PC Floppy images

    There are so many floppy disk image formats I am losing count. I want to get some really old software to my ibm 5150 and some very old software only comes in certain formats. For example IBM DOS 1.0 or 1.2 only is available online in 160k odd format binary IMG files. These files cannot be...
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    IBM pc hard drive problem

    I have a IBM pc with full 640k ram, NEC V20 cpu and Intel FPU, 1 5 inch floppy drive, and 1 3.5 inch floppy for 720k disks. I recently wanted to install a hard drive to the system to install DOS and some programs onto so I could stop bungling around with 720k floppies. So I read about the XT-IDE...
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    Commodore 64 not working

    I recently picked up a c64. I have the main unit and a power supply. When I go to turn the power on the first time I got the blue box but no words appeared in it. After that I just get a black screen of nothingness when I turn it on but the light does appear on the unit. The first thing I did...
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    New member, new 5150

    Yea my 5150 that was originally bought and used in Vermont also came stock with a intel cpu. It looks slightly different from some of the others listed here but maybe it's because it was a later model. I removed it from my system when I replaced it with a NEC V20 10Mhz and added a Intel 8087...
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    Ozfers collection with a little bit of everything

    If you've seen any of my help topics that I've posted you probably know some of my collection already but here is the full thing. I have many vintage gaming systems and computers from the 70s-modern and I don't lean towards any brand. I will add more pictures soon. vintage computers: Vic 20...
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    floppy disk question

    Hey guys I just got a lot of new commodore stuff lately and since I now have commodore floppies, apple floppies, and PC floppies it is getting difficult to keep track of them all. I have tried finding good reference information online that contains the standard sizes of floppy disks used in...
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    IBM PC 5150 floppy issues

    Hey guys I'm back again and need some more help with my ole 5150. This time I'm trying to get my 5.25 floppy drive working. My system has 2 of them but I took one out to put in a 720k/1.4mb drive for booting later versions of dos. I have a decent collection of software on 360k disks and was...
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    IBM PC 5150 memory expansion card issues please help

    Hey guys its me again and I need more help with my 5150. Today I am tackling the issue with my add in ram card on my 5150. On the pc motherboard I have the full 256K of ram with all the slots fully populated and the system works fine with that and boots to dos. I also have what I believe to be...
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    IBM 5150 keyboard problems

    Hey guys I'm still working on my 5150 project and I have made some progress since my lasts posts and now I have a Model F keyboard and a working VGA card connected to a monitor. Now when I start the computer up it goes into IBM basic and I can't use the keyboard. I have it plugged into the...
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    IBM PC Keyboard

    Yea so now I got the video working on my IBM 5150 PC and now I can't type and the adapter I thought would work doesn't. So now I need a IBM PC 5150 keyboard or something compatible. If anyone is selling let me know.
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    Hey I'm Ozfer

    Hey guys I didn't get a chance to introduce myself the other day but I am Ryan and known online as Ozfer. I came here the other day because of my recent acquisition of an old IBM 5150 PC I needed some help with. I have been into vintage computing and electronics for many years but I am newer...
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    Beige Powermac G3 era and Commodore Computers

    Hey guys I am looking for several different computers if you have any please send me a description and what you want for it. I am looking for a apple beige g3 powermac or other from around that period, commodore 64, and Amiga computers such as the 1000, 500, 1200. I am into collecting a lot...
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    8 bit ISA VGA card and SCSI HDD

    Hey as the title states I am looking for a 8 bit isa VGA video card for my IBM 5150 and also I am looking for a SCSI hdd that is 50 pin and 1-2GB or around that size. Thanks
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    Macintosh System Software 7.1 for a SE

    Hey guys I have a Macintosh SE that I have had for a while. It has 4MB ram, a 80MB quantum Hard drive, 1 800k disk drive, a micromac 68030 accelerator at 16Mhz with a expansion FPU, and a 100MB iomega zip drive. The thing is in order to use the software that I need the best I need software 7.1...