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    macOS & 3.5" Floppies...

    If you're dealing with 400/800k disks, and you're wanting to archive lots of them, one of the purpose built solutions like applesauce, kryoflux, ****weasle would be best, if you just have a couple disks, it may be best to just send them to someone else to archive, the cost for some of those...
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    Got my GRiDCASE 1520 up and running.

    I think some of the reflective non-backlit LCDs are actually better than these early back-lit ones, for example my Tandy 1100FD is far more readable (at least when there's good ambient light).
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    Got my Performa 575 up and running.

    This machine did not need much, just a PRAM battery and SCSI drive. Motherboard looks fantastic, I think it might have been recapped already, cap solder joints are all shiny and don't quite look stock, a few are just ever so slightly crooked, so I suspect they might have been redone, but a very...
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    Got my GRiDCASE 1520 up and running.

    I just got the DC-DC board recapped and the Dallas RTC chip replaced (thanks to some help from Classicbits site for the password that gets set with a fresh Dallas chip with FF's in the password bits). Wish I had researched and known that before hand, I would have tried to write 00's to it...
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    Anoyone use Dial-Up connections Anymore?

    I've got a dial-up setup running in my house. Avaya Definity PBX facilitates dialing/ringing (not the cheapest or easiest way to achieve this, something like an Avaya Partner/ACS, or a Panasonic KXTES824E are a bit more plug-and-play). An old Pentium 4 PC running Linux with a bunch of serial...
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    Building a new Pentium 60 rig.

    Yeah, I was kind of eyeing a Diamond Stealth with a S3 ViRGE chipset, it's certainly a contender. I've also got this Diamond card with a Trident chipset, but sadly it's missing its BIOS (had an uncovered EPROM window and the chip got corrupted, reads back as just random garbage in my...
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    Building a new Pentium 60 rig.

    I've had a ZEOS Pentium 60 board lying around in my hoard for decades now, finally getting around to building a system with it, picked up a nice period-correct full tower AT case and started in on the build. I still need to get a power supply figured out (going with modern AT supply and going...
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    Are Dallas DS12887A & DS12887+ interchangeable?

    I've built a few ALT12887's for some of my machines that need them. Fun little project, but with the cost of the PCBs and then the cost of the parts from digikey or mouser, ultimately it would be cheaper just to buy a 12887 or one of Glitch's kits, but the alt12887 is kind of fun practice for...
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    IBM PS/2 L40SX Laptop issues, tantalum capacitor exploded.

    I must have forgot to update this thread, I ended up replacing that capacitor (dont remember the value I used, I think it was a 2.2), and ANOTHER tant (under that VRM heatsink) shorted after that, I had to desolder the heatsink and replace that cap too. But ultimately I did get this L40sx...
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    It appears the old Vintage-computer.com forums got re-activated some how.

    I just got email notice about a post over on the old site, I thought this was shut down years ago, I replied to the new user who posted over there, advising them to head over here. http://www.vintage-computer.com/vcforum/showthread.php?33831-The-Magic-dual-formatted-floppy-on-5150
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    Bootstrapping a Compaq Portable

    I crammed the 2nd 360k drive from my Portable into a 486 to be able to make disks for it, then found a blank plate (actually a HD bracket) for the Portable. I call her Ghetto 486 ;-)
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    IBM PS/2 L40SX Laptop issues, tantalum capacitor exploded.

    I recently picked up a L40SX, after having wanted one for quite some time (a friend owns one, and I fell in love with it). Well upon first power up I was greeted with nothing but a smell of hot electronics, so I popped it open, powered it on again to find what was getting warm, and instantly...
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    I just bought 2 486 motherboards. Have any opinions?

    That first one is a FIC 486-VC-HD board (Taiwanese), I have a DX-33 machine built around one, it's a pretty low-end board, pretty basic and slow, but it works (after I desoldered and modded the Dallas chip anyways) http://th99.classic-computing.de/src/m/E-H/32521.htm
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    SE30 repair caps

    It's really not THAT hard to recap the SE/30, once you remove the old caps, the pads are quite large, my SE/30 was the first SMT work I ever did, re-did mine with radial electrolytics, it's not pretty but it does work. I just twisted the old caps off, fluxed and tinned the pads, then soldered...