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    Latest find: Ampro Little Board hidden in dual floppy drive case

    The power supply was nearly impossible to get out of the case - the case is bent by a little tiny bit at the bottom center giving just barely enough room to wiggle it out of the case again. I don't want to try to get it back in the case. I'm 75% sure I'm going to replace it with a modern...
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    Latest find: Ampro Little Board hidden in dual floppy drive case

    I'm going to take back that "nicely homebuilt case" comment I made above: turns out the fake wood vinyl covered front trim was bolted to the case, but the brackets that floppy drives were screwed into were *not* bolted to the case! The brackets rested on the bottom of the case, and were attached...
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    Latest find: Ampro Little Board hidden in dual floppy drive case

    I was browsing ebay for vintage floppy drives :-) and found a listing for a Double Floppy Drive: two FH 5.25" floppy drives in what looked like an old 60's style instrument enclosure. Good condition, silver-grey paint on metal excellent, fake wood vinyl covered front around floppy drives...
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    Imsai 8080 (mine) on ebay

    Just FYI I've listed an early serial# Imsai 8080 with drives etc on ebay under seller "soupwizard" (just so you know it's me, and not some other soupwizard :rolleyes:). If anyone in the US Pacific Northwest wins we can work out something on local pick-up, otherwise I'm going to pack the heck...
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    Intel C8080A - Only code on it is 0051A - what year was this made?

    Hi, I'm finally getting around to selling a low-serial number Imsai 8080 (made in 1975 or early 1976) I have in my garage (It's going up on ebay, will post it somewhere here on the forum when the listing goes up). The Imsai has an white ceramic Intel C8080A, and the only markings are: - large...
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    Zeta Z80 SBC assembled and working, 2 floppy drives (my ebay auction)

    Hi, I've had fun playing around with my zeta z80 sbc, but it's time to move on to other projects. Auction is up for my Zeta Z80 SBC, v1.1 pcb, assembled and populated, updated to latest bios, two 3.5" floppy drives, works great. Can boot from cp/m on rom, or cp/m on floppy disk. Includes cp/m...
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    Imsai 8080 for sale, Portland Oregon USA

    I have an Imsai 8080 in good condition my garage that's been boxed up for years, and a lot of random accessories (disk drives, vt-520 terminal, manuals, dot matrix printer, etc). I'm about to go through and catalog it and put it up on ebay, but I figure I'd see if anyone local to the Portland...
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    Pacific Northwest Zeta SBC (N8VEM type), PocketTerm & more for sale in Portland, Oregon

    I'm cleaning out my garage and found a box of Z80 SBC and similar stuff. If you're in the Portland Oregon area you get first shot at it, if nobody local is interested then I'll see about shipping it, and if that fails it's off to ebay. Make offers, don't be shy I just want it out of my garage...
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    Free computers in SF Bay area: PowerMac G4 Dual 500mhz, Pentium Pro 200mhz

    Am moving again, so here's some spare stuff that is free to anyone who can pick it up from San Francisco city near Caltrain: GONE! - PowerMac G4 dual 500Mhz cpu, 1.25 GB ram, a couple of ide drives, zip drive, cdrom drive, ati video card - Craigslist ad with photos and details...
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    2 x VIC-20 in San Francisco Bay Area, Free

    Two VIC-20 in beat-up boxes, one seems to work well, other video is flakey. Both have power supplies and tv antenna adapters. Free to anyone who can pick them up in downtown San Francisco, USA. I'm near the Caltrain station.
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    SF Bay Area - 70's and 80's microcomputer design and programming books for free!

    I'm downsizing and have about 30 data books and handbooks on designing and interfacing microcomputers and cpu's from the 70's and early 80's, along with some z80, 8085, cp/m programming books. If you're in the San Francisco bay area and want them PM me and I'll send you a list of the titles...
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    Morrow M20 with Memorex 102 20MB Hard Drive Interface to S-100?

    So I have this Morrow M20 case, inside is a Memorex 102 20MB (afaik) hard drive. It has 8" platters, a brown transparent cover over the drive platters, and probably sounds really cool when running. I was glad to see that the heads are in the locked position for shipping, so hopefully it still...
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    An Hertz P100 computer that i found in my warehouse

    I recognize that case too: it's an Enlight EN-6850 baby AT. I had the mid-tower AT version of that case (taller, had 4 5.25" cdrom / floppy bays instead of 2).
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    Argh! I just missed an auction for one of my top wanted!

    I just missed an auction for a Byt-8 computer on ebay, finished Tuesday! I was getting too much email from ebay, so I turned off auction notifications from my watch list. And missed this auction. Despair. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=avpFGlv7iw8 Doom, Despair, and Agony on me...