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    bit bucket

    i was reading in the ms-dos prog. ref. about the various character devices, and just love the definition of the NUL character device - "bit bucket" device that discards all output and provides no input. i think i am going to start using "bit bucket" as an insult to certain people :) chris
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    monochrome monitor with a video rca jack

    Hi guys; I am looking to get a monochrome monitor for a fellow vintage comp. user, as he would like to use the monitor for his vic20 running 80 columns. I am using my green monochrome Zenith monitor with my 80 column card with my vic 20, and the display is fantastic! Any help would be...
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    A/V DIN plug for vic20 same as TI99/4A

    well, maybe not identical, i didn't really check, but over the weekend as i was moving some of my computer stuff around, i wanted to plug in the TI99/4A but the RF modulator i have for it is not very good. i noticed that the DIN plug looked a heck of a lot like the one i use for my vic's, and...
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    using experience gained in old computer hobby for work

    at my work i am responsible for producing hard copies of electronically stored charts for our customers, and i have 15 large format printers at my disposal for this purpose. last calendar year i printed around 65,000 nautical charts, and every year the numbers keep going up. i am always on the...
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    was this for an old network?

    i recently got dropped in my lap a MicroVax 3100-80, with a SCSI tape drive, and boxes and boxes of binders on Vax and stuff, and lord knows what else that goes with it. i know nothing about Vax systems, except hearing the name a lot. so was this an old network thing? anybody have experience...
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    dedicated word processors

    i picked up a Tandy WP-1011 last weekend at the local GoodWill, for a tiny amount of $7.00 CDN. i think the machine probably had less than 15 minutes of use when it was first opened, probably a test print and that's it. the thing is in such great shape, box, manual, ribbon, etc.. there was...
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    advice on buying an older laptop

    hi; i wanted to pick up an older laptop for my daughter, but i have no idea of the relative value of these things. i don't even have a clue what the most up to date ones can do now. what i am looking for is something like this: colour screen a USB port so she can attach a digital camera...
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    TI 99/4 (4A)

    anyone use these guys, or collect them? i wonder if there is enough interest to have it included in the 'Genre' section? chris
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    no more video tapes :(

    Vito Pilieci The Ottawa Citizen Thursday, October 20, 2005 It's been a good run, but the Video Home System tape has had its day. Manufacturers have decided to stop producing VHS tapes in 2006. Here's a real blockbuster: The digital revolution is about to kill the video cassette. After 28...
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    what a bunch of well designed machines

    i have a ton of old mac's, like centris 610's, iisi's, plusses, that sort of thing. anyway, i snagged a lcII for a couple of bucks at goodwill, and since it has such a slim case i wanted to use it for a certain project, but the previous owner installed norton antivirus etc.. and since i don't...
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    changing text mode on a model 4

    am i able to change the text mode while using basic? i noticed that the model 4 can use 64 characters by 40 lines, and i would love to use this for programs. chris
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    no more radio shack? :(

    follow the link... http://www.radioshack.ca/ chris
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    get your wallets out for this one :)

    ebay auction Item number: 5195647621 chris
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    NEC Trek PC 6001A on ebay

    looks like a really neat computer. i love the keyboard! MINT NEC Trek PC 6001A Collectible vintage computer Item number: 5187838260 chris