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"Don't Care"


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Apr 21, 2011
Was looking at this Digilog 820 Protocol Analyzer on eBay just to see what it even was, and because it looks like an old luggable PC, and was very amused to see that it has a "Don't Care" key on the keyboard. (eBay link for anyone interested: https://www.ebay.com/itm/155725741578)


I kind of wish all computers had this. I can think of a few cases where it would be very handy! :ROFLMAO:
I hope this is not offensive to anyone....Some 33+ years ago, I wrote an OhSh!t key for my PC-XT. It is a TSR that said "OhSh!t" (out of the PC speaker) upon Left shift+Alt key. I used Borland TASM to assemble and link it again today (removed some personal information). It is intelligible, but barely - hey what do you want for 1-bit A2D speech?

Source and executable files are attached as a .zip (edited to add the original .doc file)


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That was one thing I loved about Eagle PCB layout software, there was a message that said, "this value cannot be changed, do you want to change it anyway? <Yes> <No>"

For me it would be a lot more valuable to have a key that said, "Just Frickin' do it!" so any time the computer came up and told you it couldn't do something you just hit the "don't care" and "JFDI" keys in combination :)