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British Columbia NeXT's Big "Mountains of Crap" Spring Sale

British Columbia


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Oct 22, 2008
Kamloops, BC, Canada
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"All in all, the best of interplanetary crap"
If you show up at my door I'll see if I can send you home with even MORE stuff! :D


Mr. Coffee II coffee maker. Very clean. Works. "As Seen on Technology Connections" - $10


Panasonic video reel-to-reel time lapse recorder. Mechanically functional. Never tested. - $50


Electrohome 30's AM tube radio. Not restored. - $35


AT&T Personal Terminal 510A. Necked tube. Missing handset. Battery removed. - $20


Xerox MemoryWriter 645S. Floppy drives need belts soon. Comes with boot floppies and documentation. - $40


Westinghouse AM tube clock radio. Missing dial knob. Needs restoration. - $15


Philips EL-3400 1" Video Tape Recorder (mid-60's?). Drum is ruined by corrosion. Would need a full restore. - $100
It's weird because I believe this is a 120v model and I can't find any evidence they ever sold these in North America. Even as a display piece they are quite rare.


Nicolet Oscilloscope + floppy storage option. Missing cover. Only displays a dot on the screen - $50


Dodwell "Super Fax" drum copying machine. Would need a full recap. I have no documentation or copy stock for this - $20.


Metal stand for a model 19 or a 29 Teletype - $10


Heathkit AR-2 AM tube radio. It worked last I tested it but man, this thing's a piece of crap. - $10



Sony KP-7225 72" CRT front projection TV kit with the projection screen. The smoked glass top on the projector is missing. - $75
The set needs a full recap. I think I have the service manual somewhere. The screen has tarp scarring and would need to be painted



Lyrec 532 24-track audio tape machine and remote control. Comes with two MRL alignment and adjustment tapes, an empty spook and another spool of Ampex tape. - $300
Has tantalum problems. Tape transport works but I've never been able to get audio in or out of it. I have a copy of the service manual.


Texas Instruments tabletop calculator with printer. Paper holder is missing. - $10

Stuff without pictures:

Neon sign parts. Mostly transformers and still working letter segments. - $30
Tektronix 7633 scope. The storage portion was acting weird. - $25
Tektronix 7603 scope. Was making some unhappy chirping noises and the screen was unstable. Has a 7D01 Logic Analyzer in it. No pods - $25
HP HOI-7322A noise generator - $5
HP 8006A Word Generator. Power switch missing. - $5
Panasonic RF-2800 World Radio. Controls weak. Probably needs a recap and cleaning. - $20
Sony Soundbar + bluetooth wireless subwoofer. It works but without the remote you cannot connect the subwoofer and guess what I don't have? - $20
Bose AWRCCH music system + 3 disc CD changer. Comes with remote. Passthrough power cable cut on the CD changer. - $20
Commandex Videotex terminal. IR keyboard is missing - $5
Wacom ArtPad II ADB. Comes with stylus and holder but no software. - $20
Ultratec MiniCOM II portable TTY transceiver. No battery damage and looks almost new. - $15
Wal-Mart halloween smoke machine with remote control. Used it a half dozen times for pranks and aerodynamic tests. Comes with bottle of liquid smoke. - $20
Sony GY-8240UWD DTF-2 tape drive. Takes betacam-sized tapes with a SCSI interface. No tapes. - $25

If it is not obvious, some of these items are way too large and heavy to ship. I strongly recommend you drop-in. I know I got way more crap stuffed away.
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Sony GY-8240UWD DTF-2 tape drive. Takes betacam-sized tapes with a SCSI interface. No tapes. - $25
Very impressive collection of Legacy media equipment! That Xerox Memory Writer is a thing of beauty!

Was wondering if any lucky soul came for that Sony GY-8240!
I cannot DM you as I'm an new user. May I reach out in another method? Apologies to the mod team, as this could be considered "necroing" :p.
Unfortunately after four months of it being l advertised around I had to make space and it was recycled. I'd of kept it if I could find tapes but everyone wanted good money. :(
Thanks for getting back to me! I figured I was too late it was worth a shot anyway.

I've been looking for one for a while now, its like a great white buffalo. Again sorry for bothering ya on an old thread, keep being awesome!
Thanks for getting back to me! I figured I was too late it was worth a shot anyway.

I've been looking for one for a while now, its like a great white buffalo. Again sorry for bothering ya on an old thread, keep being awesome!
No biggie. At this time that tape machine, the Superfax, the soundbar, the Commandex, the Teletype stand, the Bose stereo, and the ArtPad are no longer available, but the rest still is.

(Please for the love of god, I need people to come and haul stuff away. I don't want to throw it away. Just show up and don't flip it is all I ask.....)
...the Lyrec is once again available for sale. Price reduced to $150


Fluke 8502A/AT with missing modules and fails self-test - $5
Nordmende Boheme C tube Radio. Cracking finish and no back cover. Came up on a dim bulb and picked up an AM broadcast but badly needs a recap - $5
Ensoniq Halo synthesizer (no sound ROMs installed) - $35
HP 7925 disk drive. Almost a decade later I still believe I can find the correct boards to attach it to my HP 9845, but it's massive and it's taking up space in the corner of my bedroom. It powers up and unlocks the lid so it's probably good to go. - $300

IBM 024 and 056 punch and verifier

This was an incredibly stupid purchase. I do not have space for either machine. I do not have the time in my mountain of other projects to get either working in any form of a timely manner. I don't even have the ability to store these correctly, so they are outside under a tarp in the car park. VCfed member discount. $200 pays the gas and trailer rental I had to do to bring these to the house and you can have it for that.

J&T/ Thomas Trading Co. 3-reel 25 cent slot machine. (yes I'm aware it has a $1 belly glass)

Another one I'm hesitant with because I spent way too much time on it and I'm admitting I don't have space for it. A complete strip-down and rebuild. Fully greased and oiled, new lamps, working electronics. New arborite cladding. Still has some signs of being poorly stored before me but it's plug-in and coin-up. Took me about a year to restore. - $400


Westinghouse AM tube clock radio. Missing dial knob.
Tektronix 7633 scope.
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Large Item Special:
Choose any large items* (such as the Sony TV or the Lyrec tape machine) and for only $20 I'll deliver it as far as Portland, OR.
*punch and verifier exempt