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wordprocessor for Epson Hx-20?


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Jun 8, 2016
Guisborough, England
Please let me know if you find anything.

The thread on the other forum attached the BIN dump for 3 roms, these were 3 @ 16k roms, which is s mystery as the roms in the HX should be 8k. The FORTH one I have is 8K. But I understand from the thread that the contents of the roms are intended to replace the usual RAM.

According to the notes, SkiWrite should be in the first ROM, the first half of it. So, it SHOULD be in the first half of the attached rom image, although I cannot see any give-away text there. The other two rom's contain clear text that suggests that these are NOT a word-processor. If I get around to it, I'll have to try some disassembly of the 6302 code, and see what seems to be happening. maybe you'd like to see if you can see anything?

The code may not be raw assembly, it might even be encoded BASIC (tokenised) or a mix. Might be worth LOADING it? When progs are received in the little modules (in place of the m/c drive) they are on the ROM in this form, I believe, and are, in effect, LOADED into normal RAM. I have the ECALC one of those. Just out of interest, I tried to SAVE the active prog, but it would not LOAD back.

When I get around to trying a disassembly, things may be clearer.

Hope the attached is some interest.



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May 14, 2017
Argh, the Mame thing was a TOSHIBA HX-20 emulator, that's an MSX computer.