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    Kaypro 4 modified needs boot disk

    I just received a Kaypro 4 (PN 81-015), S/N 130647 with a composite video output. Everything seems working when it was turned on. However when the screen show up, it dispayed " Advent Products, '84 Tubo ROM v3.0 (') 1985. Plus*Perfect System'. As such normal Kaypro boot disk could not boot...
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    Digital Display frame for pictures/VGA

    I have noticed that Digital Display frame for pictures ais everywhere and inexpensive. I am wondering what can be done or added on to make it works as an VGA monitor. Doug
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    Kaypro Blank EPROM 2732 and 2716 wanted

    I need a couple of blank EPROM 2732 and 2716 for experimenting my Kaypro II. Please PM me if you have any. Doug
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    Kaypro's MBASIC B Drive

    I am trying to explore the MBASIC program of my Kaypro. Can anyone show me how to create and save files to the b drive. Doug
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    Kaypro boot disk's .BAS games

    I just got my Kaypro up and running. I am curious of how to load and play the .BAS games in the boot disk. The boot disk also has MBASIC.BAS too. Doug
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    Adventure Vision game cartridge

    I am looking for any Adventure Vision game cartridge in any shape to test my game console. Dougtronics
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    How to connect printer to Kaypro II

    All my Kaypro's are working properly now and I am thinking to connect a printer. Can somebody tell me how to do it? I do have a Star 1000, HP photosmart and Lexmark. Dougtronics
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    Kaypro II emulator

    My KAYPRO II came with TERM3101 on a disk, I believe it is an emulator for IBM 3101 via the serial port. Is this mean that my Kaypro was used as a terminal for IBM data. How is this work? Can I made this Kaypro as an emulator application again? Dougtronics
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    Dead Kaypro 2 Power Supply

    I have a Kaypro 2 which does not power up. I trace the juice and found the dead power supply. I removed the power supply and try to find what is wrong. Any one has some good suggestion? I know I have to resolser some of the area as commonly suggested. Dougtronics
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    Kapro II Mother Board Service ---Looking

    My Kapro II mother board with 81-146 & 81-149 was determined that it cannot communicate or control the floppy disk drives. I think there is something wrong with the disk controller on the motherboad. Can anybody offer repair or service? Dougtronics I wonder is there a Sam Computerfact ever...
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    Tandon TM-100 Disk Drive Service ---Looking

    Does anyone offer or would be willing to offer repair service or refurbishing services of TM-100 Disk Drive? I personally have a fcouple of TM-100 not reading the disk. It was reading ten years ago. I think is the mechanical part has some age promblem. It is still not working after I...