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    Packing CRT Monitor. Need some input

    I'm going to ship a 30lb IBM 8513 monitor and I'm going to send it via FedEx. Do you guys think I should change the way I packaged the display? The monitor itself is packaged in a box with styrofoam on each corner (1.5" gap between the box). The monitor stand itself is placed in it's own box...
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    FS> Commordore VIC-20 Cartridges / 12 Games

    I have a collection of Commordore VIC-20 cartridges, all of them are in good condition: ~ Avenger ~ Clowns ~ Donkey Kong ~ Gorf ~ Mole Attack ~ Ms. Pac-Man ~ Omega Race ~ Pac-Man ~ Pole Position ~ Sargon II Chess ~ The Count ~ Tooth Invaders $20 for all the cartridges + shipping (US only). I'm...
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    WANTED> Angled parallel cable

    I need a parallel cable that connects at an angle (like the one in the photo); It doesn't matter which angle it connects from (right or left).
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    Old Macintosh software; Are they worth anything?

    I have some old Macintosh software that I would like to sell on either ebay or craigslist. Before I post them up, I would like to get an idea on how much there worth... 1. Canvas 3.5 w/ Manual booklet and original box 2. After Dark 2.0 w/ original box 3. DesignCAD 2D/3D - don't know if all the...
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    NEC Pinwriter P7; Questions?

    Yesterday I picked up a NEC Pinwriter P7 printer to replace my Epson LQ-850. It works but I'm having some problems with the way it functions. Is it normal for the printer to stop & go like this? http://www.fileden.com/files/2007/2/21/804535/Temporary/Mvc-697v.mpg My old printer doesn't do that...
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    Instructions for EdLib v1.05a Tracker

    These are the instructions for the EdLib v1.05a OPL-2 tracker. I printed out the instruction's for the software about ten years ago when I was using it; I no longer need them anymore, I would like to try to give the instructions away before I throw them out. EdLib is a very good tracker for...
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    WANTED> Printer-head for Epson LQ-850

    I need a new printer-head for my Epson LQ-850 dot matrix printer, recently I've accidentlly damaged it while trying to un-jam the pins. If you happen to have a Epson printer-head that you can spare, I would really appreciate it. I know that there are sites on the internet that sell's the...
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    Two Sound Blaster AWE32 PnP Sound Cards

    I have two CT3990 Sound Blaster AWE32 PnP audio cards for sell. Both sound cards were tested and works, the only defect with them is broken retainer tabs on the SIMM sockets. I will include a copy of the installation software for DOS, Windows 3.11 and Windows 95. $10 for both card + $5 for...
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    Power Supply for NEC Powermate 286 Plus

    I have for sale a NEC power supply, this unit was pulled from a NEC Powermate 286 Plus computer. The power supply was tested and it does work. $20 for the power supply plus the cost of shipping (US only), just PM me your zip code and I'll give you the total cost. Payment will be through...
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    Where to advertise on ebay?

    I'm going to post my Backer32 VHS backup system on eBay tomorrow, the problem is I'm not sure what category in "Computers & Networking" is best to advertise in, any suggestions?
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    What are they?

    Someone gave me these connectors but I don’t know what they are or used for. Do you know what they are? http://www.fileden.com/files/2007/2/21/804535/passive.jpg http://www.fileden.com/files/2007/2/21/804535/passive2.jpg
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    486 to 386 problem

    I have a FX-3000 Rev: 1.0 motherboard with a i486SX-25 CPU installed and no cache memory (I’ll list more details below). I’m trying to downgrade it to a AM386DX-40 CPU. The problem is that the computer detected it as a 16 MHz processor instead of a 40 MHz. I checked all the jumper settings and...
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    IBM Music Feature Card

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    IBM Music Feature Card

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    IBM Music Feature Card