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    BASIC Compatibility on Coco 3

    Is Coco 3 extended BASIC source compatible with Model 1, III or 4 basic? If not, what computer BASIC is closest?
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    Rest in Pieces

    RIP Moore's Law: 19 April 1965-2 January 2018
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    Email Software

    Since M$ discontinued its email software I can't find anything that worked as good as Live Mail. Tried Thunderbird and I don't like it.
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    How do I get one? Who do I contact? Thank you!
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    NitrOS9 Disk Create Woes

    Using DD/DS 3.5 disks and dskini I have failures on all of track 12. Why?
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    A tale of two diskettes.

    I have a double 3.5 in 720k drive unit for my Coco 3 system. Can I use 1.44 meg floppies?
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    Procrastination temporary ending.

    Removed a considerable amount of junque opening up a sizeable amount of computer space. I've put this off for eight months. Extreme happiness!!!
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    Something new has been added!

    I opened up my Coco 3 to see if the CPU was socketed. Something unexpected caught my eyes. A cloud9 512 simm unit was installed! How can I test for proper operation? Two 256k simms are installed. Could larger simms work? I'm impressed!!!
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    Obscene Floppy Drive Prices

    I looked on eBay for reasonably priced 360k 5.25 floppy drives. The prices I saw were absurd! Why are these drives, used by my Tandy/Radio Shack computers, so damned expensive?
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    They're Here!!!

    My Coco3 and FD-501 drive controller have arrived! Now for some deviltry...
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    Starting on Coco 3 system purchase.

    I placed an order on an FD-501 floppy controller for my future Coco 3. Computer order coming soon.
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    Hot Cup of CoCo?

    Looking at buying a CoCo III. After this I'm looking into a floppy controller/drive, memory expansion, monitor cable and OS/9. Fingers are crossed!
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    First Plains Post

    Welcome from Plattsmouth, Nebraska. I have a "reasonable" sized collection of Tandy/Radio Shack, Commodore and older PC compatible systems. (Moderator's note: This was moved from a regional forum.)
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    Amiga Redux

    Can AmigaDOS 3.9 be installed without a boot floppy? How? Just updated my ROM's.
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    Color/graphics CP/M

    Does this exist? Can it be implemented on a Commodore 128 system?