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    Storage of vintage equpiment

    I have up until now kept all of my vintage gear in my office which for the vast majority of the time at a comfortable room temperature. Unfortunately I can now hardly get in and out of my office and need some overflow space. The only space I have is an unheated area that can get down to...
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    Terminal help.

    Hi, I'm using an old Oyster terminal to connect connect directly via the COM port to my BBS. I can establish a connection, however in order to see the data being sent from the BBS I have to press a key on the terminal each time to see the characters being sent. So for instance, if I connect...
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    Acoustic coupler question.

    Hi, I have an Anderson Jacobs 212 acoustic coupler which still powers up. However am I correct in thinking that when you turn these things on you should immediately hear them emitting a tone? Charlie
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    26 Pin Hard Disk Connector

    Hi, I recently acquired an Epson PX-16, with it came a base unit in which there is a floppy drive and space for a hard drive. The connector that looks as though it once had a disk drive connected to it is a 26 pin female IDC connector. In the manual it states that the unit supports a 'type 3'...
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    System disks for c128D

    Hi, I've been scratching around, looking at the resources listed here but I can't work out whether or not I'm likely to be able to acquire or create the CP/M systems disks that would have originally come with the Commodore C128D. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Charlie
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    Format taking forever (don't know if it's normal?)

    Hi, I have an old Epson Equity 286 portable with what I'm guessing is a 2Omeg or thereabouts hard disk. I'm trying to format it and install DOS. When I run format on it first displayed:- Head: 0 Cylinder: 168 It has progressed very slowly (an hour) with the head going from 0-3 and then the...
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    Looking for a z machine interpreter for cp/m

    Hi I'm trying to track down a z machine interpreter for cp/m. Can anyone help, I believe there was an Infocom one but I can't seem to find a copy? Charlie
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    Epson PX-8 Multi Unit and P-40 serial printer

    Hi, My Epson PX-8 collection is growing nicely however I'd still love to get hold of the Epson PX-8 Multi Unit and a P-40 serial printer if anyone has these items and would like to part with them. Thanks, Charlie.
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    Epson PX-8 external ram disk

    Hi, I recently acquired an external ram disk, I've attached it however when I turn the machine on now I just get BDOS error, Bad Sector on A: I've made the assumption that this is most probably likely to be duff batteries in the ram disk, I had a look at them, took a picture here. Do you...
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    Files compressed using SQ

    Hi, I have some old files that were compressed using SQ, does anyone know of any software I can use to open these archives, I can't seem to find the original software anywhere. Charlie
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    Epson TF-20 floppy disk drive.

    Hi, I recently acquired a load of old Epson stuff, including an as yet not working PF-10 3.5 disk drive and a working TF-20 double 5.25 inch drive. I hooked up the TF-20 up to my PX-8 and put some pictures on my blog along with some earlier ones of an Atari Portfolio printing on an Epson P-40...
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    Epson P-40 thermal printer, parallel interface and the PX-8

    Hi, Someone has offered me an Epson P-40 thermal printer but it has a parallel centronics input, is there anyway of making this work with a PX-8 which only has serial outputs? Charlie
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    Hi from South East England

    Hello everyone, What a great forum! We recently had a vintage computer fair at Bletchley Park in the UK and I went along as a friend was exhibiting his DEC gear. Anyway the visit sparked a renewed interest for me in retro computing. I remember how much fun it was back in the 80's, a whole new...
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    Wanted: Anything PX-8 Geneva

    Hi, I recently bought an Epson PX-8 Geneva and am looking for any peripherals, Floppy Drive (I know, I know,) Ram Disk/Modem etc. In fact I'd be interested in anything that doesn't come as standard kit. This is also my first post so hi as well. Charlie BTW I'm aware of the items carried by...