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Windows 10 Technical Preview

Do you mean "M-DISC"? My DVD drives are supposedly capable of writing those things--but the price kind of puts me off--and the promise. My "300-year" Mitsui /MAM-A CD-ROMs have been doing the job for me thus far, but I really doubt that 300-year claim.

"Grandpa, what's a CD-ROM?"
I don't think its much bigger than windows/7. Not sure I like the multiple desktop support which allows you to have several "desktops" and rotate between them, and the metro apps ....
.. I kind of miss the "move the cursor to the top right to move round"..
That's a "feature" I've been using on my RH7.3 box for over a decade. Resistance is futile you will be assimilated!!
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Is Windows 7's support that much worse than 2000/XP? For a lot of the things I need to do, I find that only Windows 95/98 can really handle it.

It is. The I/O control is slow, crappy and unreliable. It takes forever to format a floppy sector by sector and accessing a disk with bad sectors, or performing operations on them often makes explorer.exe crash. Going under "Properties" tab takes around 30 sec, and even WinImage is really slow. I'd rather interface an eight inch floppy drive to my Raspberry than using Win7 drivers.
I don't think its much bigger than windows/7. Not sure I like the multiple desktop support which allows you to have several "desktops" and rotate between them, and the metro apps ....
.. I kind of miss the "move the cursor to the top right to move round"..

There have been Windows add-ons at least since W2K, if not NT4.

Like you, (I use Ubuntu) , I find multiple desktops with multiple windows open on each a little more than my poor mind can handle. Especially when I inadvertently scroll to the wrong one...
What is funny is that SYSKEY is unchanged since NT4 complete with the now unusable floppy option!
Also I noticed NTVDM (yes it is still in 32-bit version) crashes when the "experimental console features" are enabled.
As found on another forum:

Originally Posted by coleoptere2007

They will made the floppy drivers in next release, as i asked the question to M$ support ==> Answer : we are doing all the effort to make it available in next release as someone forgot to compile it on W10TP
the sys file hasn't been compiled but the inf files are there, look at

C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository>dir *fdc*

Directory of C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository

13.09.2014 09:22 <DIR> c_fdc.inf_amd64_c7989d4ec4b68a79

C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository>dir *floppy*

04.10.2014 02:38 <DIR> c_floppydisk.inf_amd64_d5508983e82424d5
It's also worth mentioning that Windows 10 has a whole bunch of new Command Prompt keyboard shortcuts which are reserved for Windows' own use -- which means that if you run a program which would normally make use of any of those key combinations (such as Ctrl+A, Ctrl+V, etc. or even Shift+arrow keys) for its own purposes, the program won't register those key presses, since they're being redirected to the operating system.

There is an "experimental" option to disable these new Command Prompt Ctrl+key shortcuts (and presumably allow programs to make use of them), but I'm guessing that option may disappear in the final release version of Windows 10. Microsoft probably assumes that if you really want to run any "legacy" DOS or Win32 command-line programs in Windows 10, you'd set up DOSBox to do so, rather than run them from within the Command Prompt.

More info:
You know it's just a matter of time. First it was the 8 inch, then the 5 1/4 now it's the 3 1/2 and the optical drives. Will the magnetic hard drive be far behind? PATA drives are disappearing.

I liked it when Tommy Lee Jones showed Will Smith the new smaller CD, the size of a quarter dollar. Perhaps if they still manufacture USB floppy drives, the manufacturer will provide a CD-ROM that makes it possible to use the drive with Windows 10, they way they used to back in the old days. I'd expect the drive to cost more, though.

No, if driver disks will be needed, there will be no new USB floppy drives made. The one I purchased in last year was manufactured in 2011. The backstock won't get new drivers and no one will order new drives if stocks don't shrink. I suspect if MS doesn't release a Win10 floppy driver soon that hacked versions of the Win8 driver will pop up in all the usual places.
Well I downloaded and installed the Win 10 Technical preview X86 version and found out to my dismay that Floppy drive support has been dropped! Not only the internal drive connected to the mainboard but also USB floppy support. Could be a deal killer for anyone who may be thinking of upgrading to it. But then it could be added before the final release. Let's hope so.

Don't worry, somebody will hack up some floppy support soon enough.