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Windows 10 Technical Preview

I am on the new Fast track they introduced with one of the newer builds 10041 I think. Using the fast track you get preview builds a lot quicker.

How you set that up is look under settings. Windows Updates and click on Advanced options. Down near the bottom of the screen it will have listed slow. This is the default. Change to fast and reboot.

Using settings again go to windows updates and if there is a new build available it will have an odd file name like fbl_impressive 10xxx being the build number it will install. Takes a while but is all automated and not to much user intervention required.

Oh and my floppy drive is now working and am on build 10061. Looks different than pervious builds. Rectangular recycle bin and some other minor changes.
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that one particular update is more of a piece of nag-ware. I've been advising people not to install that particular update until AFTER the TP bugs are sorted out. I have build 10061, and i like 10 so far. I look forward to the final product. And procuring my multiple licenses...... Gotta love Dreamspark. so far i've got 8 legal copies of W7 and 7 of 8.1.. That isn't including the server licenses i get..
Can't blame you there Rick, Keeping 7 myself till the 1st service packs are released. The TP looks good but still has a long way to go.
I tried the Windows 10 "Insider Preview" a few days ago, only to discover that the much-heralded Start menu was not working, and neither was any keyboard input after I logged in. I could not bring up the Start menu either by clicking on it, pressing the Windows key, or pressing Ctrl-Esc. Turns out this is a known problem and there's an update to fix it -- but I couldn't even get far enough to be able to install any updates!

In my case, reinstalling Windows 10 did get the Start menu and keyboard working, but this time the Settings app (where Microsoft has moved some, but not all, of the Control Panel settings, leaving you hunting between the two to find what you want) was not working, and attempting to access Screen Resolution and Personalize by right-clicking on the desktop just produced error messages. As of yet there is no clear fix for these problems; different people are suggesting different solutions. My solution was to toss Windows 10 and reinstall Windows 7. :)
Got to install TP, build 10130
I'm impressed. They took the best things of W8 and refreshed W7's interface. Sadly, the whole search thing is bloatware. Windows forcing me to use Bing is not cool. And what if i want to search quickly in the start menu like W7?
And. Cortana. Please, M$, get her back to the Xbox. Project Spartan, same thing: it's ages behind modern browsers, it feels really uncomfortable. Please M$, update the console. I want a powerful swiss knife, not a crappy resizable MS-DOS like screen. I can't even use my fonts without tweaking in the reg. Transparency is nice though, and 6x8 rasters are very readable. Good things are: multiple desktops (one step towards PARC and 1980's *NIX :p) and that the new UI is fully backwards-compatible.
Windows just feels broken to me with the dual-personality UI, pointless touch and confusing file structures. I find that OneDrive forgets settings or has sync problems continually. There still doesn't seem to be proper support (ie scaling) for monitors with anywhere near the polish of Mac screens.

The latest 10 build often takes three or four goes to connect to over RDP with a mixture of errors.

No doubt there will be no slowdown in viruses.

Spartan browser is a bit strange, it seems to be slow and use a lot of CPU resources. The icon is also very similar to Outlook & store at a glance.

Many aspects of the system are still too tied to 'system' processes meaning it's pure guesswork to troubleshoot the inevitable CPU races. And more generally CPU use is too high meaning power consumption is also too high.

So in my experience, the gap from Windows to Mac ecosystems is only continuing to stretch. Apples absolute control over the hardware is paying big dividends for them, and Office 2016 is simply better on Mac - Excel has all the menus back! All that is keeping many IT departments from Mac is Visio.
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I just read that Windows Media Center will not be available in W10. It will be somewhat missed, as I run off-air TV on my upstairs big box late at night and way early in the morning. If I decide to upgrade(?) from 8.1 to 10, I suppose I could use the off-air access program that came with my ATI dongle, however, it's a kludge. So, I think I'm going wait to convert my 3 legal 8.1 systems and see how it goes farther down the line.
Windows just feels broken to me with the dual-personality UI, pointless touch and confusing file structures. I find that OneDrive forgets settings or has sync problems continually.

Well, I agree, but not only for the dichotomies - The latest build is just plain BROKEN, for even such things as random hangs on MS Solitaire Collection, downloaded and installed directly from the MS Store.

I am running from VMWare 11, but these hangups are just plain rudimentary, and at this point in the release cycle, unforgivable. I have no problems running Win 7 and OS X, so I am not buying that VMWare figures into the basic failures I am seeing.

It will be a while (like SP1 or 10.1 or whatever) before I commit to this one...

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My XP machine with the WEPOS hack (to continue to get security updates through 2019) just got an update to fix that, so yes, it exists in XP.

I run POSReady2009 on some systems and I'll be getting updates to that as well as to MSE until 2019. I think that POSReady, WEPOS and WinFLP are basically the same platform. Even though MS has withdrawn any mention of WinFLP, the WEPOS updates work on it.