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    What do you actually do with your vintage computers?

    I use a vintage machine to track satellites in orbit, such as the Space Station. I have a 486-DX50 laptop running MSDOS 5.0 and a program called STSPLUS. The laptop has a 3Com PCMCIA network card and I use the mTCP HTget program to download the most recent orbit data, in order to display the...
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    Wanted: Jetdirect 610n or 615n card

    I want to put a HP LaserJet on my home network, but it needs a network card. I'm looking for either a Jetdirect 610n or 615n. These things should be cheap to free by now. If you've got one available, send me a PM Thanks, Andy
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    Kaypro CP/M diskette - which model is it for?

    I have a Kaypro CP/M boot diskette ("Working Diskette #1"). I understand that there are different boot disks for the different models. Given that (1) I don't own any Kaypros, but (2) I am able to get a directory of the diskette, Is there some way to tell which Kaypro model this diskette is for...
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    Where to buy 4116 RAM?

    I'm restoring an Apple ][+ and need to replace some RAM chips. Anyone have a good (inexpensive?) source for 4116 RAM? Thanks, Andy
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    What's on your Apple 2 ?

    I was just playing some Lode Runner on my Apple //e, which got me to thinking... What's on your Apple 2 ?!
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    VCF East 8.0 was awesome

    VCF East 8.0 was awesome. Carry on. :D
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    Need help with Applesoft maze generator

    Seems to work fine, as is. Check for typos.
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    How to get the circuit board out of a ][+ power supply?

    I want to replace the AC filter cap in my ][+ power supply (605-5703, Astec Model AA11040B) I've got the supply out of the machine and the power supply case is open. The circuit board is mounted to the case with 6 screws, which I've removed. Now how do I get the circuit board out? Thanks, Andy
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    Wanted: documentation for WHATSIT? database

    I'm looking for documention for the WHATSIT? (Wow, How'd All That Stuff get In There?) database. Doesn't matter whether it's for the Apple 2 or the CP/M version, but it must be complete. Thanks, Andy
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    //e joystick question

    On the Apple //e, when a joystick button is pressed, does the switch close to GND or to +5V ? (Yes, I've tried a DVM but it's giving me strange readings) Thanks, Andy
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    Daisychain a Duodisk off a Unidisk?

    I have an Apple //e, a Unidisk and a Duodisk. When I use the Unidisk by itself, the drive is called D1. When I use the Duodisk by itself, the drives are called D1 and D2. If I plug the Unidisk into the computer and then daisychain the Duodisk off the Unidisk... the Unidisk drive is called D1...
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    AT&T PC6300WGS motherboard DIP switch settings

    In case someone needs these in the future... Enjoy, Andy AT&T PC6300WGS motherboard DIP switch settings SWA 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 -------------------- | | | | | | | 1 __ 8087 not present | | | | | | | 0 __ 8087 present | | | | | 1 1 ____ EGA installed | | | | | 0 1 ____ 40 x 25...
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    Wanted: N64 games

    I got a Nintendo 64 console the other day, without any games. If you've got an extra N64 cartridges, send me a PM. I have stuff to trade; tell me what you need. Thanks, Andy
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    Dreamcast mini games?

    So I recently adopted another wayward video console -- a SEGA Dreamcast. Interesting system. It came with the main unit, cables, a pair of controllers and a VMU (Visual Memory Unit). I understand the VMU can be loaded with mini games and then played standalone. Any idea where to find minigames...
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    XEGS power supply?

    I recently got an Atari XE Game System complete with keyboard and light pistol. Does anyone know which power supply originally came with it? Mine didn't have one. Thanks.