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    Future Domain TMC-830 SCSI BIOS V7 Needed

    Anyone have one of these SCSI controllers? I have V8.2 BIOS but the 830 isn't supported by it according to Adaptecs support site. A version 7 from any 8 bit card is required. (850, 875, 86x, 88x). I have a 4.0H BIOS but it isn't even listed in the matrix which isn't a good sign. ;) Thanks :)
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    15 Top-Spiele European Windows CD-ROM

    Win 16 Software Titles. I wrote 4 of the titles on this CD but never received a copy for my personal archives. This edition appears to be German. I know I was given translations for at least 2 other languages. I wrote these games for Softdisk for Windows in the early to mid 90's and did the...
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    Can anyone in Florida save this HP 3000?

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/HP-3000-Series-70-Computer-Vintage-Loaded-32471A-/310365346018?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item48433758e2#ht_2540wt_999 Not mine but I would love to see someone with the space grab it and at least store it and save it from the scrapper. I know there are/were a few big...
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    WTD: 150MB 1/4" Streamer SCSI Tape Drive

    Anyone have a spare they are willing to part with on the cheap? I need to dump a tape to a tar file and I don't have a drive. -Matt
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    WTD: HP 9153C Internal Hard Drive

    I acquired a 9153C but the HD is physically damaged. The HDs comes in 4 flavors: 10MB, 20MB, 30MB and 40MB. I'm looking for something in the 30MB or less category so if you've upgraded yours and have the extra drive on the shelf lemme know. :) While I'm at it: Does anyone have a 9144/5 tape...
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    Tandy 6000 Keyboard Disaster :(

    In the on going saga of restoring a Tandy 6000HD I was presented with this: :( It just keeps getting better. I've cleaned off the 1/32" layer of corrosion to find eaten through traces and pits in the copper. I reassembled the keyboard and found the keys that were working before are still...
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    50 Pin Floppy to 34 Pin Floppy Converter Board

    Wasn't sure where to put this. Anyone with PCB skills want to layout a converter board? I'm up for at least 3 of these. Would like: Edge and IDC 50 pin to edge and IDC 34 pin. I can think of a few jumpers that may be required but otherwise it fairly straight forward. If you feel overly...
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    Vintage PC 386 + 486 Lot in Wisconsin

    Not Mine: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Lot-vintage-computers-and-software-386-486-pc-xt-dos-2-10-shrink-books-/120818319313?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1c21553fd1#ht_25899wt_1233
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    NCR PC4 Color CRT

    Anyone have a color PC4 with a dead MB they'd be willing to pull the tube and board from? I have a mono PC4 that'd be nice to see in color. :) -Matt
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    Mounting 3.5" drives in Tandy 6000

    So I've progressed to booting my 6000 with CP/M. Currently its a glorified model 16 (I think as I get fuzzy as to the difference in the models). Basically a Model 12 case with the guts of a 6000HD sans 68k board set. I have pictures of the entire process of the rebuild but I want the grand...
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    68k Model 16 CPU + Mem in 6000 ?

    I just want to make sure that this will work before I go and spend money on a board set. For those in the know: Will a Model 16 68k (6Mhz) CPU + RAM board work in a Tandy 6000 (8Mhz) system? I've no knowledge of where the clock for the CPU card comes from so sorry if this sounds like a really...
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    Wanted List

    Things I be looking for and would like to acquire if you have one of them stashed away somewhere: :) Commodore 1551 Floppy Drive AE ColorLink Digital RGB (or analog, but digital preferred) Tandy CoCo MultiPak Interface 68000 CPU Card and RAM for Tandy 6000 HD controller for Tandy 6000 VAX...
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    Secondary PC Floppy Port via Adaptec 1542B

    ANADISK sees the port and drive but SDRIVE.SYS nor anything else I've tried will see the drive. Does anyone know of a driver that will allow me to use the third floppy? I'm trying to upgrade / expand my disk writer system and I'm going a little nutty as I've already spent to much time trying to...
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    WTD: PCjr 128k IBM Sidecar Mod for 736k Total

    mbbrutman I know you have this hidden away somewhere. :) I have my system up to 640 with the jrHotshot II (need to add clock chip to that too). Anyone else have it? I've been searching google and all I've come up with is a file that tells me to get an MSBooster for 736k then explains how to do...
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    VDB-8024 ROM Dumps

    I need the ROM .bin/.hex files for both the CGEN and CODE so I can try to get my card working. I don't have anything that will read or write 2708s so I need both files (you must change both chips at the same time). Its badly out of sync and all I can see is a cursor blinking in 4 locations. CGEN...